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Master alloy branch   mainly produces and processes multiple Master alloy products

Master alloy is an important additive which is used to produce titanium alloy , high-temperature alloy and other special alloy . Our company has the main master alloy supplier of military titanium products manufacturer in China , developed more than 50 kinds of master alloy products from binary to quinary , the " Ganglong brand " master alloy has been applied to the “Shen-zhou V” spaceship and are widely applied to aviation , aerospace , marine , weaponry and other industries .


Titanium smelting branch  The main products are titanium and titanium alloy ingots (bars)

Our company is a domestic enterprise specializing in the production of titanium and titanium alloy ingots. It can produce more than 30 kinds of titanium alloy ingots, such as TA1, TA2, TA3, TA15, TB5, TC4, Ti-6242, Ti-26, etc., with annual production capacity of 5000 tons and product specification diameter of 160-520mm.Titanium ingots can weigh up to 2 tons per unit; production standards can be carried out according to Chinese and US standards.R&D and production can also be carried out according to customer requirements.At present, the products manufactured by the company have been highly recognized by domestic and overseas customers and have been widely applied in various fields.


III. Titanium Alloy Pipe Branch

The titanium and titanium alloy pipe factory manufactures and processes seamless tube.The outer diameter is from 10mm to 245mm,wall thickness is from 0.5mm to 30mm,and 12m in length.Various grades of products can be manufactured as national standards(GB/T3624-2010、3625),American standards(ASTM B338/B861),or per client requirement.Annual production capacity is up to 5000 tons.
Titanium alloy pipe has obtained API Spec 5C certificate and manufacturing license for penstock components.

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